With funding from OSHA, the Roofers International Union and the Roofers & Waterproofers Research and Education Joint Trust now offer a comprehensive library of safety and health training products tailored to roofers and waterproofers.

You can download selected products free now. Hard copies of specified products can be requested by emailing

Roofers Safety & Health Manual (English only)
The two-color, 20-chapter Roofers Safety and Health Manual for instructors, supervisors and roofers covers a wide range of safety and health topics from hazardous materials to confined spaces and from electrical safety to weather. Each chapter can be downloaded separately.

Bilingual Trainee Booklets (English or Spanish)
20 trainee booklets cover the topics in the Roofers Safety and Health Manual but in a condensed, bilingual format suitable for classroom training or take-home by students. The two-color 5.5 x 8.5 inch booklets average 30 pages and include review questions.

Macromedia Instructor Safety & Health Presentation Modules (Bilingual)
The 17 Bilingual Instructor Presentation Modules operate like PowerPoints but are loaded with interactive demos and problem-solving exercises. An instructor can flip instantly between English and Spanish on every screen. The series includes a presentation module on fall protection with a searchable reference to OSHA standards.

Macromedia on Fall Protection (Bilingual)
This self-paced, interactive program addresses fall protection in commercial and residential roofing. The program allows students or instructors to switch instantly between English and Spanish on every screen. It is highly interactive and enables users to solve typical roofing fall protection problems, make fall force calculations and compute fall distances. The executable program contains 8 instructional modules and a searchable reference to OSHA standards.

Fall Protection Toolbox Pamphlets (English or Spanish)
5 toolbox pamphlets on fall protection are available in English and Spanish. The pamphlets can be used to reinforce the Macromedia Fall Protection Training or as stand-alone instruction. The two-color, graphical pamphlets include: Warning Lines; Guardrails; Safety Monitors; Roof Hole Covers; and Personal Fall Arrest Systems.


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